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Associate Membership

Associate membership with New Mexico Thrives is beneficial for businesses, consultants, vendors, and individuals who work with nonprofits. New Mexico Thrives can help you establish your professional connections with New Mexico’s nonprofit sector.

Benefits of Associate Membership

  • Monthly newsletters

  • Timely updates on local and national issues effecting nonprofits

  • Action alerts including Facebook and Twitter posts

  • COVID-19 resources for nonprofits

New Mexico Thrives' Advocacy
  • Protect nonprofits from state level taxation

  • Advocate for a constitutional amendment to the anti-donation clause to facilitate government

  • Communicate with state and federal legislators to share the needs of nonprofits

  • New Mexico Thrives conducts research on New Mexico's nonprofit sector in response to changing circumstances

Other Benefits
  • Discounts on a variety of subscriptions and programs: Nonprofit Quarterly, Board Source and more

  • Access to Members’ Discussion Forum

  • Discounts on office supplies and printing


Promotion on our platforms


  • Prominent on New Mexico Thrives website and Members Page

  • Opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in the Members' Discussion Forum

  • Periodic promotion in newsletters and social media platforms

Associate Fee Schedule

Allies and Supporters                     Fee
  • Allies                                                  $150

  • Supporters                                        $250

  • Individuals                                         $25


Become a New Mexico Thrives Member Today!

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