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Building Beloved Communities

A business consulting firm focused on community-centered solutions for nonprofits & small businesses.


  • Interim Executive Director

  • Interim Director of Operations

  • Interim Director of Human Resources

  • Strategic Planning

  • Project Management

  • Marketing

  • Fundraising

  • Hiring & Talent Acquisition

  • Leadership Development

  • Organizational Optimization


Collaborative Solutions Consulting

Collaborative Solutions Consulting's practice incorporates principles of Assets Based/Appreciative Inquiry, Developmental Evaluation, Utilization Focused Evaluation, and Empowerment Evaluation.


  • Program Planning, Design, and Development: CSC assists organizations with program design and development using a variety of services that include facilitating strategic planning, clarifying and linking program activities to outcomes through logic modeling, and supporting organizational planning through collection and analysis of real-time data to inform ongoing decision making.

  • Supporting Organizational Learning: CSC provides training, coaching, and mentoring designed to meet the particular needs of individuals and organizations. With thorough analysis of learner needs and situational factors, CSC works with organizations to develop the appropriate learning solutions.

  • Program Evaluation: Using a participatory approach, CSC facilitates program evaluation planning and design, collects data with a variety of methods, analyzes data, and helps organizations interpret evaluation findings to develop recommendations and action plans. This approach brings about more effective processes while creating opportunities for organizational learning and growth.


Community Connects Consulting

Community Connects Consulting provides strategic planning, management consulting, change management, leadership development, executive coaching, diversity and inclusion consulting, and negotiation.


Cress Insurance Group

Cress Insurance Group is experienced in helping nonprofits with all their insurance needs. They work with a variety of carriers to help you find the plan that is best for your organization. Cress Insurance Group has been

recognized for their excellence in customer service and operational efficiency.  Contact them to ask about directors' and officers' insurance, liability insurance and all your other insurance needs.


Fundraising for the Future

Fundraising for the Future supports organizations through training or consulting in: development & capitalization planning, fundraising, grant writing and management, and organizational development.

  • Philanthropic Advising

  • Grant Writing and Grant Management

  • Fundraising

  • Social Enterprise Revenue Streams



Grant Garden

​Grant Garden will partner with you to grow your organization and  serve your unique population, using community-based solutions and collaborations.


  • Funding Likelihood Review: GG will review prior proposals of identified funder in order to evaluate your organization's prospects.

  • Program Plan Review: GG practices and tools can ensure you have competitive descriptions. You will learn these practices and tools by participating in the program plan review.

  • Program Evaluation Planning: GG can provide the text for this section, while you provide the narrative for the remainder of the proposal.

  • Grant Proposal Review: A proposal review will check for reviewer ability to easily score your proposal, the match between your proposal narrative and grant purpose, and ease of reading and understanding of proposal goals, objectives and activities.

  • Grant Proposal Coaching: Coaching will give you just-in-time training as you take responsibility and control of the writing of your own proposal. Training includes practical tools you will keep and use, language standards that facilitate understanding and scoring, and project-specific suggestions. 

  • Full Grant Proposal Writing: You provide critical descriptions and information about your program and Grant Garden will assemble a proposed project you have the capacity to carry out. 


New Ventures Community Building

New Ventures Community Building is focused on building participatory systems that are practical, sustainable and community-centered.


  • Planning

  • Evaluation

  • Capacity Building


Pivot Evaluation

Pivot Evaluation works with program staff to develop and manage accountability measures that are realistic and attainable.


  • Needs Assessment

  • Program Planning

  • Program Execution

  • Outcome Analysis


Sky Valley Comm

Sky Valley Comm is a full-service marketing, design, and communications company based in Albuquerque, NM.




    • Strategy & Brand Development

    • Project Management

    • Social Media & Email Marketing

    • Nonprofit Development

    • Marketing Automation


    • Web Development & Design

    • Graphic Design

    • Photography

    • Videography


    • Grant Research, Writing & Composition

    • Professional & Technical Editing

    • Proofreading & Copy Editing

    • Web Content Management & Development


The Cohesive Quotient

The Cohesive Quotient provides transformative operational management and support for small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations providing humanitarian services to their communities.


  • On Demand Operational Support Solutions: Designed to support staff with guidance in navigating an issue or unusual situations, and to provide feedback for reports, grant requirements, policy and procedures, and process improvement ideas

  • Supplemental Operations Leadership Support Services:  Treated as a contracted member of the staff, this service will have clear regular responsibilities to support operational activities on a day to day, weekly, or monthly basis.

  • Conflict Resolution & Mediation Services: As an objective third party, TCQ will help navigate workplace conflicts to ensure equitable outcomes that focus on solving the root issues creating the dispute(s).  TCQ will guide the conversation, avoid escalation of delicate issues, and leave participants feeling heard and committed to the agreements reached.

  • Staff Development & Coaching Services: TCQ will provide training and mentorship for frontline staff and operations leaders. Activities will be in line with organizational priorities and mission related initiatives.  This service helps to elevate current staff and realize their full potential in their roles.


Uniting by Design

Uniting by Design is dedicated to preventing problems and building healthy organizations.


  • Practical Skills Trainings:

    • Uniting by Design: the Architecture of Creative Collaboration – a 16 hour skills course for leaders and change agents to apply the blueprint with its design elements and core practices and guide a team, an organization, or a community.

    • Seven Steps to Key Decisions: the Heart of Integrity – a 16 hour skills course to use a relevant case and learn to apply a structured process for collaborative decision making.

    • Leader as Peacebuilder – a 16 hour skills course to integrate the practical skills of a mediator into the role of a “Leadiator” who can generate respect for differences, build consensus, and explore reconciliation.

  • Coaching for Collaborative Leaders and Change Agents – receive tailored guidance to address specific goals, master your understanding of the creative collaboration design blueprint, and integrate its practices into your way of being.

  • Wise Planning – consultation and facilitation, guiding a planning team with a practical blueprint to coordinate resourceful collaboration over time that achieves a shared vision.


Your Part-Time Controller

YPTC specializes in providing financial services to nonprofits.


  • Accounting & month-end close: YPTC can assist with as little or as much of the day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping activities that you may need. YPTC will perform your "month-end close": reconcile the bank and other balance sheet accounts, allocate expenses, and post month-end journal entries.

  • Financial reporting: All organizations, regardless of type or size, need accurate, timely monthly financial reports.

  • Analysis & recommendations: Once the financial reports are completed, YPTC helps analyze them to understand and communicate to you the financial management and policy implications for your organization.

  • Data visualization: Good data is half of the battle. Understanding the data is the other half. YPTC will develop and update charts, graphs, and dashboards of your financial data, KPIs or even operational data to help you better understand your organization.

  • Scenario planning & cash flow forecasting: During times of uncertainty, clarity and information are crucial to your organization's success. Depending on your needs, YPTC can prepare cash flow reports at whatever frequency that makes sense for your organization.

  • Board meeting attendance & training: YPTC is happy to attend your board meeting to present your financial reports and provide training to your members and staff.

  • Policies & procedures: In the course of our work, YPTC often observes opportunities to strengthen internal controls, add efficiency to operations and document these improvements in your policies and procedures.

  • Forecasting: While financial reports provide you with past data, YPTC typically updates a monthly rolling forecast report to guide your mid-term and long-term financial decisions.

  • Budgeting: YPTC can assist in a variety of ways with your year-end budgeting beginning at the program budget level and ending with presentation of your annual budget.

  • Grant proposals & ad hoc reports:  YPTC helps many of our clients with pro-formas or budgets that go into grant requests. Additionally, there is often a need for ad hoc reports or dashboards for you, board members, lenders or funders. We prepare these for you and make recommendations on presenting the requested information.

  • Grant management: YPTC will manage your incoming grants to include proper recording and classification, allocation methodologies, reporting requirements and requests for reimbursements.

  • Audit turnaround: YPTC will make sure that you are ready when the auditors arrive for their field work. YPTC prepares the work papers and schedules the auditors will need. This gives your auditors the opportunity to conduct their fieldwork and produce a draft report with plenty of time for your finance committee to review, ask questions and approve a final audit. YPTC coordinates with your auditors to complete the Form 990 on a timely basis.


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