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Photo by: Sheri Granger Archuleta

New Mexico Thrives conducts and compiles research on the nonprofit sector to help funders and decision makers better understand the vital role of nonprofits in New Mexico. The research provides insight into the issues and challenges facing mission-driven organizations.

New Mexico's nonprofits are resourceful and innovative, rising to meet every challenge. New Mexico Thrives uses the research to advocate for resources or policy changes to support nonprofits in their work.

Nonprofit Information by County

New Mexico is a large geographic and culturally diverse state. The county level information provides insight by county.

Nonprofits and New Mexico's Economy

The pandemic induced economic downturn, compounded by the oil price war in 2020 has added to the need to diversify New Mexico's economic base. New Mexico Thrives has been working to ensure legislators understand nonprofits' role in New Mexico's economy:

2020 COVID-19 Impact Report

The pandemic and economic downturn have caused an increase in demand for services at the same time that revenues have decreased.  See the summary and report for details:

2018 Financial Outlook Report

From 2017 through the 2019 legislative session, New Mexico legislators were talking about the possibility of taxing nonprofits' revenues over a certain amount and repealing nonprofits' exemptions on gross receipts tax. The passage of House Bill 6 in 2019 seemed to put an end to those ideas. With the loss of over $2 billion in state revenues, legislators have said that "everything is on the table." Once again, nonprofits will have to protect their tax exempt status. New Mexico Thrives' earlier research on the financial viability is even more relevant:

Nonprofits are an expression of our humanity. 


  • Providing services to people with disabilities, those who are hungry, experiencing homelessness, struggling with addiction or domestic violence, and more.


Nonprofits step up where our systems fall short.

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