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Image by Javier Allegue Barros

Time for Transformational Change in New Mexico

From the Governor's state of the state address to the ambitious bills that have been introduced, it seems that New Mexico is ready to look at systemic changes to address inequities.

Broadband access:


  • HB 9 addresses the climate crisis and ensures that communities impacted by the transition away from oil and gas are included in the discussions.


  • HB 29, HB 52, HB 84, HB 85, HB 86, HB 87 are bills to address some of the racial and resource inequities. HJR 1 seeks a small percentage of the state's Land Grant Permanent Fund for early childhood education.


Employment and Income:


Food insecurity:

  • HB 207 and SB 229 propose ways to develop New Mexico's food infrastructure (95% of the food produced here is sent out of state) and address food insecurity.


Health care:

  • HB 203 lays the groundwork to ensure everyone in New Mexico has access to health care.



  • SB 193 creating a Rural Equity Ombudsman position to ensure that the needs of rural New Mexico are considered in future legislation. HJR 9 allows for public assistance in the development of electric, internet, natural gas, water and wastewater connections to domiciles.


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