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New Mexico Thrives

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Photo Courtesy of ABQ Adult Learning Center

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Photo by: Sheri Granger Archuleta

About Us

New Mexico Thrives is dedicated to the success of nonprofit organizations and the nonprofit sector in New Mexico.

New Mexico Thrives strengthens nonprofits to better serve our communities, and address systemic inequities.

We advocate at the local, state, and federal levels; and we provide the opportunity for collaboration and collective action to advance issues that are most pressing to our communities.


New Mexico is a large geographic and culturally diverse state.

Nonprofits serve community members throughout the state.

Nonprofit Information by County

Nonprofits contributions to New Mexico's economy and well being. Nonprofits generate billions in economic output by bringing out of state funding into New Mexico. In addition, nonprofits manage cultural events that bring in approximately $500 million per year for local business.

Role of New Mexico Nonprofits

Covid-19 Updates

New Mexico had 349 reported cases May 17 - 23, 2024. (NM Epidemiology Reports)  Covid-19, RSV, and flu are still circulating. Use reasonable precautions to protect vulnerable individuals.

Blog Posts

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