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New Mexico Thrives

Photo Courtesy of ABQ Adult Learning Center

Heading 3

Is your nonprofit facing a staffing shortage? What factors are creating the problem? What does it mean for the people your nonprofit serves? Please share your nonprofit's experience in this quick survey by the National Council of Nonprofits.

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About Us

New Mexico Thrives is dedicated to the success of nonprofit organizations and the nonprofit sector in New Mexico.

We believe nonprofits play an essential role and are an integral part of New Mexico. 

We advocate at the local, state, and federal levels; and we provide the opportunity for collaboration and collective action to advance issues that are most pressing to our communities.


Photo by: Sheri Granger Archuleta

"New Mexico Thrives gives a voice to the many nonprofits in New Mexico working to ensure that our state prospers. By providing reliable and timely information on legislation affecting the nonprofit sector, New Mexico Thrives is empowering New Mexico's nonprofits to seize the future and make a better New Mexico."

Jeffrey Hoehn, Cuidando Los Ninos

Covid-19 Updates

New Mexico is under an indoor mask order to combat the spread of the delta variant of COVID-19.

See the Center for Law and Poverty's Financial Resource Guide During COVID-19 for information about assistance provided to individuals and families by the federal government.

The Emergency Rental Assistance Program is available to help people with rent and utility bills. See how your organization can help with outreach.

New Mexico Thrives advocates for the nonprofit sector and promotes, strengthens and connects individual nonprofits.

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