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Photo by: Sheri Granger Archuleta

Photo Courtesy of Rio Grande Food Project

Join New Mexico Thrives

New Mexico Thrives is dedicated to the advancement and success of nonprofit organizations throughout New Mexico.  Our mission is to make sure their efforts have a solid foundation and support at the local, state, and federal levels. 

While nonprofits are focused on their missions, New Mexico Thrives is focused on issues that could affect organization’s ability to deliver on their missions. 

New Mexico Thrives makes strategic connections for nonprofits statewide to maximize efforts to address common issues and goals.

Join New Mexico Thrives

New Mexico Thrives offers membership options that support nonprofits, businesses, and individuals through a variety of valuable resources and cost-savings. Learn more about which membership type is the best fit for you and your organization.

Nonprofit Membership

As a member of New Mexico Thrives, you become part of the collective voice of nonprofits in New Mexico.

Associate Membership

Associate membership with New Mexico Thrives is beneficial for businesses, consultants, vendors, and individuals who work with nonprofits.

As an associate member, you’ll become familiar with the latest trends and developments.

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"New Mexico Thrives connects nonprofits to relevant issues, resources, and advocacy opportunities."

Gloria Rael, Executive Director, ABQ-ALC

Become A New Mexico Thrives Member Today!

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