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Every nonprofit can and should get involved in advocacy to help advance its mission. Advocacy shapes the public debate about issues that affect nonprofits. It’s the number one way nonprofits can focus attention on the issues, and bring about real change. With the right tools and information, you’ll see how you can make advocacy work for your organization and your community.


Nonprofits can submit comments to

  • The Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service on proposed new guidelines for Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) by February 15


These include proposed definitions for who or what qualifies as a DAF, donor, and donor-advisor, as well as exceptions to the definition of a donor advised fund. Included in the definition of DAFs would be some giving circles, field of interest funds, and other committee funds. The draft regulations also propose an "anti-abuse rule" meant to deter donors from using DAFs to avoid excise taxes on donations to individuals.


Eighty percent of laws and policies affecting nonprofits are created at the state level.

 Watch committee meetings and floor sessions on the NM Legislature website.

For updates on nonprofit related bills see the Legislative Session page.

New Mexico Thrives 2024 Advocacy Agenda

  • SB259, Funds for Nonprofits for Capital Outlay

Get Engaged

The 2024 New Mexico legislative session is underway. See the Legislative Session page for information on nonprofit related bills. Instructions for committee meeting participation can be found on the House and Senate Committee Schedules.

Nonprofits & 2024 Session

Census 2030

Data, Dollars and Democracy

Nonprofits & Elections

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