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About Nonprofits

Nonprofits are an expression of our humanity. 

  • Providing services to people with disabilities, those who are hungry, experiencing homelessness, struggling with addiction or domestic violence, and more.


Nonprofits step up where our systems fall short.

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Nonprofits contribute to our quality of life

  • Providing recreational opportunities such as sports leagues, social and service clubs.

  • Organizing cultural events such as art, music, and film festivals, literary events, operas, dance and orchestral performances, balloon rallies, and more.


Nonprofits make significant contributions to culture, tourism and the local economies.

Nonprofits contribute to economic development. 

  • Providing job training and placement for those who have difficulty entering or re-entering the workforce.

  • Providing training and loans for new entrepreneurs.

  • Providing jobs and support for those who cannot work independently.


Nonprofits expand the workforce, enabling more people to help themselves.

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Nonprofits work to break the cycle of poverty.

  • Trusting the wisdom of people to know what they need, nonprofits provide support and resources to help them meet their goals.

  • Advocating against predatory lending and creating programs to build assets.


Nonprofits help people create opportunities and possibilities for themselves.

Nonprofits contribute to educational outcomes.


  • Providing early childhood education, after school programs, mentoring, adult literacy training, GED preparation, and more.

  • Helping students with clothing and school supplies.

  • Providing counseling to abused, neglected, and/or grieving children.

  • Providing adaptive equipment to children with disabilities.


Nonprofits help make it possible for all children to learn.


Nonprofits remind us of our place in the world. 

  • Protecting our health by protecting the environment

  • Protecting the environment now and for the future

  • Protecting animals, wildlife, water, air, forests, natural habitats


Nonprofits helped ensure animal protection laws, which led to the passage of laws protecting children.

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