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Interim 2022

Lawmakers are meeting to discuss a number of issues:

  • Modernizing the legislature

  • Making the Citizens Redistricting Committee part of the state's constitution

  • Wise use of $2.46 billion of surplus revenues (most recent revenue projections)

Since New Mexico's legislature meets for thirty days during even number years and sixty days during odd number years, much of the work happens during the interim between sessions. The interim is the time to develop bills and build support. Presenting the proposed bills to interim committees helps to refine the bills and saves time during the session.

Whether or not your organization wants to influence legislation, you can build relationships with legislators in service of community:

  • Follow the legislative committee that pertains to your mission

  • Provide information to the committee members on the work of your organization as it pertains to the issues they are discussing

2022 Special Session

On  April 5, 2022, the legislature held a special session to provide economic assistance to New Mexico residents. The only other item on the agenda was to revive the junior spending bill, SB 48 that was vetoed in the regular session. SB 48 contained funding for local governments, the courts, and community projects. The Governor's veto message included concerns over the amount of money being distributed and suggested that it circumvented the budget and capital outlay process. SB 48 was modified and presented as SB 1 in the special session.

HB 2 provided "tax rebates" to all tax filers. The payments were sent out in two allotments.


2022 Regular Session

The 2022 Regular Session is over. Even though it was a thirty-day session, with the main focus is the budget, 641 bills were introduced. Only 17 bills were passed and sent to the Governor to sign.


Legislators passed the largest budget so far for New Mexico: $8.5 billion. The remaining state American Rescue Plan Act funds were allocated as part of the overall budget.


See "What passed, what failed in the 2022 legislative session," by Robert Nott and Daniel Chacon, Santa Fe New Mexican, Feb. 17, 2022.



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