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Our Story

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The impetus for creating New Mexico Thrives was a keen desire to embrace the myriad possibilities and potential within the nonprofit sector to address and meet the needs of all New Mexicans. It is based on the belief that New Mexico is a snapshot of the future and we can radically change the direction of our state and serve as a model for the country. New Mexico Thrives is dedicated to the success of nonprofit organizations in order to build stronger communities in New Mexico. New Mexico Thrives makes strategic connections for nonprofits locally and statewide to maximize efforts to address common issues and goals.

Out of many conversations, the latest research and shared wisdom, a need for collaboration and coordination was identified.  New Mexico Thrives stepped forward to create a systematic statewide approach to synthesize information while also identifying the pathways and tools needed to create the desired outcomes of New Mexico’s nonprofits.

New Mexico Thrives is a catalyst for change in the form of a state nonprofit association. This paradigm shift runs through every aspect of New Mexico Thrives. The organization is designed to be a nimble and model the skills needed by today’s nonprofits. It is fiscally sponsored by the Center of Southwest Culture.


New Mexico Thrives advocates at the local, state, and federal levels; and we provide opportunity for collaboration and collective action to advance issues that are most pressing to our communities. We recognize the unique contributions of individual organizations. New Mexico Thrives facilitates an environment where nonprofits can work together to create positive, sustainable change for New Mexico.







We believe nonprofits play an essential role and are an integral part of New Mexico.

Our Mission

New Mexico Thrives advocates for the New Mexico nonprofit sector and promotes, strengthens and connects individual organizations.

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Our Mission
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Our Vision

A vibrant thriving New Mexico where everyone is empowered to achieve their greatest potential.

Our Values

Adaptive and nimble:

the organization is constantly evolving, we recognize that our future is shaped by the actions we take today.


Actively listen, appreciate diversity and recognize experience and expertise from multiple cultural contexts.


Transparent sharing of information and ideas to accelerate learning and improve outcomes.


reaching beyond the status quo and anticipating needs and opportunities.

Accountability and integrity:

how results are accomplished is as important as the result.

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Nonprofits are an expression of our humanity. 

  • Providing services to people with disabilities, those who are hungry, experiencing homelessness, struggling with addiction or domestic violence, and more.


Nonprofits step up where our systems fall short.

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