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Nonprofits & Elections

Photo by: Sheri Granger Archuleta

Nonprofits and Election Activities

501(c)(3) nonprofits cannot engage in partisan politics, but we can encourage civic engagement and provide information on the issues. 


Voter Registration

Voter registration has become easier in New Mexico. The NM Secretary of State's website provides information on the various ways to register to vote.

501(c)(3) nonprofits can help eligible residents register to vote without bias to party affiliation.



Voter Education

501(c)(3) nonprofits can provide information about all candidates and ballot measures.

  • Vote 411: information by the League of Women Voters


Voter Engagement

Voting is a way for communities to help shape and change the systems that effect them every day. Nonprofits can and should encourage people to vote, without telling them how to vote.

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