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Nonprofits & Elections

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Nonprofits and Election Activities

501(c)(3) nonprofits cannot engage in partisan politics, but we can provide information on the issues.  Elections are opportunities for nonprofits to promote their issues by interacting with candidates, and newly elected officials.

After the elections is a good time to reach out to newly elected officials. Nonprofits are subject matter experts on their issues. You can be a resource for a newly elected official and advocate for your issue at the same time. Bolder Advocacy has created a podcast on "Advancing Policy to Newly Elected Officials."


Voting is a way for communities to help shape and change the systems that effect them every day. Nonprofits can and should encourage people to vote, without them how to vote.

Mobilizing the Vote: It IS Your Nonprofit’s Responsibility
by Rob Meiksins, Nonprofit Quarterly

Voter Engagement
  • Nonprofits can provide information about all candidates

  • Nonprofits can encourage, staff, board, volunteers, and all constituents to vote

  • Nonprofits can host candidate forums (invite all candidates)

Resources for Nonprofits