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Let's Not "Go Back"

I hear people say that they want to get past the pandemic and "go back to normal." I don't. Yes, I want to get past the pandemic, but I don't want to go back to the way things were. Here are some of the changes that I hope we keep.

Easier grant applications. During the pandemic many funders streamlined their grant applications. They reviewed the information requested and decided that much of it was unnecessary. I hope funders keep their applications streamlined. I wish that more funders would move to a multi-year funding model.

Shorter work week. Some employers switched to a four day work week because they acknowledged the stress of working, home-schooling, and coping with the pandemic. I have long believed that a shorter work week is more humane. A three day weekend allows people more time to attend to the regular tasks of life and importantly, more time for recreation. We all need time to be with family and friends, relax, and have fun.

More flexibility with work. Many employers that said that it wasn't possible for employees to work from home, discovered that it was possible. When we get past the pandemic, I hope that employers remain flexible and allow people the option of working from home.

More flexibility with service delivery. Some nonprofits found innovative ways to deliver services during the pandemic. Let's not simply abandon them when we can gather together again.

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