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Compensation Survey

Open until March 17, 2024

New Mexico Thrives' Nonprofit Compensation Survey
New Mexico Thrives has partnered with Pivot Evaluation to conduct a compensation survey for New Mexico nonprofits.
The results will help you and your organization set fair and competitive compensation – the key to hiring and retaining valuable employees.
Participation is free. 


Your Questions Answered:
  • Who fills out the survey? Primarily HR or finance executives at associations and nonprofits, but if you don’t have a dedicated HR or finance staff person, your executive director would be the most appropriate person to complete the survey.

  • What information will be needed to complete the survey?

    • Basic organization info: EIN, budget size, location

    • Employee info: total number, job titles and levels, salaries, benefits, demographics (if available)

  • Do contractors count as employees?

    • No, contractors who do work for your organization, and will receive a 1099 tax form at the end of the year, are not employees

    • To take the survey, your organization needs to have at least one paid staff who will receive a W-2 at the end of the year

  • Can I save my answers and finish the survey later?

    • Yes. Next to the Save for Later button is an info bubble with instructions, but the bubble disappears once the Save for Later button is clicked.

    • When you go back to the survey link, a window will pop up asking to Discard or Reload.

    • Click on Reload!

    • The form will load, but appear empty.  In the left margin of the screen, there will be a large bracket ]

    • Click on the bracket and it reloads all the data.

  • Is it difficult? No. The user interface is designed for easy input of compensation information. Contact with any questions or issues.

  • Is it secure? Absolutely. The user interface is encrypted.

  • Is it confidential? Yes. To assure your confidentiality, we will not disclose individual or organization specific data, and we will not report data for categories that include less than five respondents.

  • When will the report be available? The report will be available in June 2024.

  • What will the final report include?

    • Information to analyze your nonprofit's salary structure

    • Salary differences by budget, staff size, and region

    • Data based on New Mexico nonprofits

  • How much will it cost? Participation is free. The full report is

    • free for any participating members

    • $50 for members who did not participate

    • $50 for participating non-members

    • $100 for non-members who did not participate

  • How can I purchase the final report?

    • The final report will be available for purchase in June

    • Participating organizations will be contacted with a link for discounted purchase

    • New Mexico Thrives member organizations will be contacted with a link for free access



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